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The Gras SK company belong to the leading suppliers of components for the renovation of Central Europe. Our primary target was to offer quality componentsl that we use ourselves in own production and we are able to offer valuable know-how for our customers, that cost us hundreds of hours of hard work in testing and finding the best components and manufacturing processes to obtain the best possible result in case of using our recommended and supplied components. Through our hard work we showed that the quality has always a place in the market. So, now we aren´t only supplier of materials to our customers in Slovakia and Czech Republic, but our products are already delivered to whole Eurpean Union.


Company Gras SK became on the 2nd of July 2007 exclusive distributor of DELACAMP for Slovakia and Czech Republic. Our target was to get for our current and future customers, quality products, including the best-selling MK Imaging OPC drums , which are among the current leaders in the field. Nowadays, we are one of the most importatnt partners of  DELACAMP in Europe. We strive to further strengthen our position and be a strong partner for our customers. According to the responses of our customers, we realize that this is the direction that we want to develop further and our primary target is to provide comprehensive services in the area of printing.





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